Power Socket Repair - provides same day laptop AC DC power Socket replacement on your laptop.   A flat rate fee of $100 includes everything: labor, new parts (dc power Socket), and free shipping back to you via DHL.  We will even replace your AC DC power plug on your AC power adapter for free if we find it to be faulty.  We guarantee that your laptop will be repaired and shipped back to you within 24 hours after receiving your laptop. We guarantee the quality of our work by a lifetime warranty, if you break your DC power Socket ever again we will replace it at no extra charge. 

With any questions feel free to call (847) 529 9441 at any reasonable time, seven days a week  or email: question@powersocketrepair.com

Please, put an inch of a bubble wrap around your laptop, put it into a shipping box, write a note about who to send the laptop back, write out a check in the amount of $100 made out to Applicasoft, and ship your laptop to:

710 MILL CIRCLE #107

Frequently Asked Questions:

Payments for the DC power Socket replacements?  We prefer it if you enclose a check made out to Applicasoft with your laptop.  Alternatively you can pay by Credit card through google checkout.   If you bring your laptop over we will only accept cash as a payment.   Canada clients the only methods of payments are either by credit card (use google checkoutl.

Any rules we should be aware of?  Yes, the first one is if you don't include your AC adapter with the laptop you don't get any warranty or supSocket from us. Second rule is badly packaged laptops will be sent back to the owner without being worked on (make sure to wrap your laptop in at least 2 inches of bubble wrap, and put it in the box with plenty of cushion or fluffy stuff.  Please note: free boxes provided by United States Postal Service provide inadequate protection for your laptop. 

Warranty.  We provide a lifetime warranty on all DC power Socket repairs that we replace.  If you will ever break your laptop dc power Socket ever again, we will replace it at no charge.  We will only replace it once.  You are covered by warranty for as long as you are using a non-faulty factory AC power adapter, if you use any universal power adapters the warranty is void.  That is the reason we ask everyone to send a factory power adapter with your laptop so that we could make sure that the adapter is ok.  Starting June 10th, 2007 we are the only business that offers a lifetime warranty on all laptop dc power Socket replacements that we do. 

What are the most common laptops that have this power Socket issue? In descending order the most common models that have this issue are 1) HP (ZD, ZE and ZV series), 2) Compaq since HP and Compaq is the same company they use the same components and designs.   3) Acer (Aspire and Travelmate).  4) Gateways all models have common Socket issue.  5) Dells 1150 5150 6000 700m and others use 2 proprietary dc Sockets and these have their faults too. 6) Toshiba A70 and A75 series. 7)  Asus and Sony are common to work on  8) Fujitsu and Panasonic are really rare but some use Sony boards. 

How long  have you been in business of repairing laptop DC power Sockets? We have been in business of replacing power dc power Sockets for the computer shops in the Midwest and East Coast region since 2005.  We started to work with end consumers in the year 2007.  We charge the same price to computer shops and consumers.  Since we receive most work on Monday and Tuesdays we give a higher priority to computer shops than individuals, on other days turnaround time is the same for computer shops as well as individuals.  Our clients are 30% from Chicago land area, 20% from the Midwest (outside of Chicago area) 35% from the east coast (CT, NY, NJ, NH, MD) and south states such as TX, FL, KY, NC, SC, GA and only about 15% from the west coast (CA, NV, NM) and Northwest U.S. (OR, WA).   

What happens if the laptop still does not power up after the power Socket repair? Simply put there is no charge, not even for the shipping back.

What is the success rate? If your power Socket appears to be broken, loose, damaged then the success rate is about 90% that your laptop will work fine after the laptop dc power Socket replacement.  9/10 laptops are working fine after the DC Socket replacement.  If you just think it is a dc power Socket, but the Socket looks totally normal without any wobbling then the success rate is 2/3 basically about 66%. 

Are there any side effects? Yes there are.  Sometimes when you drop your laptop not only the DC power Socket gets broken but also a backlight bulb on the LCD monitor breaks resulting in extremely dim image on the monitor.  We will fix the power Socket, and charge you but not the monitor since we guarantee our price and monitors are no longer serviced in any of our locations.  You would still be able to use the external monitor.  System not powering up at all is the most common side effect.  When we receive a laptop it is usually pretty dead, battery is empty and there is no way for us to check if it will power up or not.  If after replacing a DC power Socket it still won't power up then we won't charge you anything (see above).  We try to test speakers, keyboard and touchpad to work correctly before shipping the laptop back however some laptops arrive without hard drives, with bad hard drives or with the passwords on the user accounts thus sometimes we are unable to test touchpad and sound.  If you pack your laptop badly then broken keyboard keys, bad hard drives, broken casing and screens happen, we don't provide any refunds for that.  We use the same packaging as the one we receive your laptop in.  If we receive a badly packaged laptop we won't offer any refunds for any reasons to anyone because it was poorly packaged on your end.  Please package your laptop extremely well, number one reason why laptops don't work well after the dc power Socket replacement is that they get damaged during the shipping.  Shipping insurance won't pay for a broken laptop that was sent for the repair and came back still broken. 

Are there any delays? Yes a delay of up to 1 day usually occur if you decide to pay by  credit card.  If you send a check there is usually no delays.    Delays of up to one day could happen on Mondays and Tuesdays due to the highest quantity of laptops received on these days.  There haven't been a delay of more than 1 day for quite some time.  If we can't fix it in one day we usually try to make it work the next day and after that we just pack it up and send it back to you fixed or not.  If we need to replace a power plug on your AC adapter (there is no charge for it) then a delay of up to one day could happen.

What guarantees are you offering? There are no extra fees or charges except $100 flat rate fee, if you laptop is not going to work after we replace a Socket we won't charge you a cent (see above).  $100 flat rate fee includes brand new parts, all labor and shipping back to you via DHL. We guarantee that once we receive your laptop in the mail it will be fixed the same day and mailed back to you no later than the midnight of that day.  We have multiple quantities of more than 50 different types of Sockets in stock at all times, combined they cover 90% of all dc power Sockets that ever been put into laptop computers.  If your laptop is a brand name laptop i.e. Toshiba, Gateway, Sony, Compaq, HP, Acer, Asus etc.. we should have a dc power Socket for it in stock. Rather than fixing your old dc power Socket, we replace your dc power Socket.   If you bring your laptop over it will be fixed within 3-4 hours, make sure to call to schedule an appointment.  We prefer if you drop it off and pick it up the next day rather than making an appointment for the laptop to be fixed within 3-4 hours. 

Why dc power Sockets break? Number one reason is if you use a universal power adapter.  Universal adapters are not made specifically for your dc power Socket.  They sit extremely tightly on your dc power Socket pin and thus any movement up down left right usually breaks the pin off.  Number two reason is faulty power plug on your AC Adapter, when a power plug goes bad it usually backfires on your dc power Socket due to constant twisting and turning of the DC plug, we replace these at no extra charge. Third reason is due to a bad dc power Socket design.  Many HP, Compaq, Gateway, Acer, Toshiba and Asus models have bad Socket designs that don't have a securing bracket that holds the Socket down to the motherboard preventing any movement sideways or up and down.   

What about Sony, Fujitsu, and IBM laptops? Sony, IBM and Fujitsu laptops have unique dc power Socket design.  We do have the most common dc power Sockets for these systems but there are no aftermarket dc power Sockets available for the most Sony and Fujitsu adapters.  Only used dc power Sockets are sometimes for sale on Ebay.  Many Sony and Fujitsu as well as IBM use dc power Sockets with cables that are not mounted to the motherboard.  For the most part we repair these rather than replacing.  If it needs to be replaced we still replace it but it won't look good.  It will work but won't look good. Above mentioned laptops require tons of time and sometimes result in delays of up to one day.

How much is the shipping usually? We are centrally located near O'Hare International AirSocket at Chicago, IL It is usually $6.50-$15  to send a laptop to us via DHL or UPS.   If you ship your laptop to us we will ship the laptop back to you via DHL ground service.  Ground service does not mean it will take forever, maximum 3 days and that is if you live in California.  If you need a laptop ASAP you can prepay an overnight shipping back to you.   If you want us to send a laptop back to you overnight then please add $30.  Shipping.    After USPS has raised the shipping rates on march 14th, 2007 we had to switch all of our shipping to DHL.  In our opinion DHL is the most "gentle" carrier of packages, it might not be the fastest but of all the packages we receive, boxes handled by DHL have the least scratches or dents on them.  FedEx is also a very gentle carrier of boxes but they are a bit too pricey.   UPS is the worst handler of packages, some boxes that we receive seems like someone played soccer with them.  USPS is an ok handler of packages but after the rate hikes on march 14th, 2007it seems like the most expensive one. 

How long does it take? Average DC replacement job lasts about 3-4 hours.  All work is done the same day since we have all dc power Sockets in stock. Our guarantee is that your laptop will be on it's way back to you the same day as we receive it, unless the box is too big. 

What time are you open? You can bring you laptop over at any reasonable time seven days a week (make sure to call in advance to schedule an appointment).  We work day and nights literally.  Mondays and Tuesdays is never a good day to bring your laptop over. 

Do you repair or you replace the power Socket? We only replace power Sockets, it is a more time consuming process than repairing but in a long run we don't have to deal with lots of warranty work.  We repair Sockets on the laptops that don't have aftermarket dc power Sockets for sale. 

I live in Chicago land can I drop my laptop off? Yes you can drop your laptop off at the above address 7 days a week. Please call in advance to make sure somebody is going to be there to meet you.  Generally you would be able to pick it up the next day, or if you make an appointment then you would be able to pick it up within 3 hours. 

I live in Chicago land can you pick up my laptop and drop it off? In extremely rare cases we can do that for an addition fee of $30 we can pick it up and drop it off, this fee is payable no matter what the outcome of the repair will be.  

Do you need the password to get into my system? No, we do not need any of your passwords.

Do I need to send an AC adapter? Yes, to test out your system we would prefer to have your AC DC power adapter, however if you are missing an AC DC adapter we still can work on it and test out your computer using our adapters.  In addition if your Power plug on your AC adapter is damaged or broken or shortens we can repair it at no extra charge. 

Are you liable for anything that will happen with my laptop? About 15% of all laptops that we receive have a motherboard issue rather than a dc power Socket problem, so even if we replace the Socket the computer might not work.  So no we are not liable for anything that might happen to your laptop. 

Why does it take 3-4 hours to replace the Socket?  Calls like that come in all the time.  The hardest part and the most time consuming is not taking your laptop apart, nor it is putting it back together, neither it is soldering the new Socket to the motherboard.  The most time consuming part is de-soldering (removing) your old dc power Socket without damaging the motherboard it usually takes more than an hour to properly / safely remove the dc power Socket from the board.  Since we only charge if the laptop will work after we are done with your laptop we are doing the best we can not to mess up your laptop.

A note about bad checks.  Please be advised that writing out a bad check, or a check with NSF in the bank account, or using a closed account to write out a check is just a misdemeanor if you write it in your own state and usually handled by civil courts of your county.  As soon as a bad check crosses your state border it becomes a felony since it is a federal offense to send a bad check across the state lines. It will be investigated by FBI and pursued in the federal criminal court of Cook county state of Illinois, you will have to fly all the way over here to appear in court.  Since most of the laptops we receive are by USPS mail, sending a bad check along with the laptop using United States Postal Service becomes a mail fraud in addition to check fraud, so there are two federal felony counts rather than just one.  If you think you won't have sufficient funds in your checking account to pay for our service please submit a payment via paypal, or by credit card through google. 

Payments.  We prefer if you pay by check however if there is no other way then you can pay by credit card at no extra charge through google checkout..

Canada clients: Please let us know if you would be interested in sending your laptop to our Windsor, Ontario Canada location.  question@powersocketrepair.com