Power Socket Repair .com - provides  AC DC power socket repair / replacement on your laptop / notebook computer. We charge a flat rate fee of $100 includes everything: labor, new parts (laptop dc power socket) and return shipping. No fix no charge, and we offer 30 day money back guarantee if you are unhappy with the repair less the return shipping. Your laptop will be repaired and shipped back to you within 24 hours after we receive your laptop. If you ship just the motherboard the total will be $60.

AC DC Power Socket on the laptop is also known as laptop power port, power input, power pin, power connector, a part inside of the laptop where your power plug / cord from the ac power adapter goes into the laptop.  

U.S. clients please, pack your laptops very well, please include your AC DC power adapter with the package, write a note about who and where to send the laptop back, put down your email address so that UPS would send you a tracking number, write out a check in the amount of $100 made out to Applicasoft, and ship your package to:

710 MILL CIRCLE #107

Chicago clients we are located 25 minutes north of downtown of Chicago.  We are open 10 a.m. till 4 p.m. Monday-Friday and 10-noon on Saturday. Your computer will be fixed within 1 hour after you would bring it in.

With any questions feel free to call (847) 529 9441 at any reasonable central time, seven days a week or email: question@powersocketrepair.com

Our Guarantees:

  • We handle more laptop DC power socket replacements than anybody else in the world. 
  • Rather than fixing your old laptop DC power socket, we replace your power socket with a new one.
  • Replacing DC power sockets on the laptop computers is all we do six days a week, every week.  We specialize in DC power socket replacements on the laptops we don't work on any other computer issues besides DC power socket replacements.
  • There are no extra miscellaneous fees or charges ever except $100 flat rate fee.  
  • $100 flat rate fee includes brand new parts (dc power socket) and all labor.
  • We guarantee that once we receive your laptop in the mail it will be fixed within 24 hours please see the turnaround times below.
  • We have multiple quantities of more than a 100 different types of power sockets in stock at all times, combined they cover 98% of all dc power sockets that ever been put into laptop computers.  If your laptop is a brand name laptop i.e. Toshiba, Sony, Compaq, HP, Acer, Averatec, Asus etc.. we should have a dc power socket for it in stock.  For the other 10% of power sockets we can still find a solution .
  • If we won't fix your laptop power socket, nobody else will.
  • We have a "no fix - no charge policy".  If your laptop still isn't working after the DC power socket has been replaced we won't charge you any sort of diagnostic fee, bench fee, or any other miscellaneous fees for the job we did.  We will just pack it up and send it back to you with your check less the actual return shipping cost.
  • To read independent reviews simply type in Google "applicasoft reviews" it will bring you to an eBay page that shows that we got 3000+ positive reviews and that we are in business since year 2000.  For a snapshot of reviews click here: ebay reviews.  If you happen to have an account on google you can read 200+ reviews on Google, for a snapshot of Google reviews please click here: google reviews that shows we had 4000+ clients who submitted the payment through Google checkout, and they rated our service at 4.8 out of 5.0.  If you decide to submit a payment by Google below, you would be able to leave a review for us as well.
  • Picture Examples of 400+ fixed laptops  (before and after pictures) could be found here: http://powerjackrepair.org/examples.html
  • We are the largest distributor of dc sockets.  If you want to do the work yourself and just need the part you can buy the part from us on http://powerjack.us

 Frequently Asked Questions:

Do you have a list of models that you repair most often?  Yes a list of makes and models could be found here: laptop power socket models

More FAQ and answers could be found here:  power socket repair questions

Pictures showing examples of our work could be found here: DC power socket Repair Pictures

Payments? We prefer it if you would pay by Check (enclosed with the laptop).  It is easier for us to refund money if we would be unable to make your laptop work (we would just put the check back into the box with the laptop).  Don't worry we will not wait for check to clear.  Another reason why  we prefer a check is that there is always a return address on the check, if the return address is different make sure to write a separate note for that.  Walk in clients who bring their laptop over to us please note we will only accept cash as payments upon completion of the job, there is never any charge if the laptop isn't working properly after the repair is done.   

Or use Paypal Below accept credit cards and paypal payments

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